Supply High Quality PPH Y1500 To Fight the COVID-19
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Supply High Quality PPH Y1500 To Fight the COVID-19

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在当前全球疫情蔓延,在健康需求和经济下行双重压力下,华盛及时调整产品结构, 迅速有效地组织起生产医疗物资的工作,并将高效低阻的熔喷材料交付到熔喷布生产厂商,不断助力口罩产能提升,公司主打的PPH Y1500熔喷布专用材料已经成为目前各大客户的采购重点。


With the global spread of the pandemic and strain from the desperate needs for health improvement and economic recession, Huasheng immediately readjusts its product structure, throwing itself into the work of producing medical supplies with high speed and effectiveness. Meanwhile, the melt-blown material with the features of high-efficiency and low-resistance are delivered by our company to the manufacturer of melt-blown fabric for the purpose of increasing improvement of production capacity of face masks. Our company's main product PPH Y1500 melt-blown fabric material has become the current purchase focus of major customers.

Were informed by NDRC that the utilization efficiency of production capacity of face masks has reached 110 percentage and daily output has come to 116 million at present; New assembly lines of face masks are successively established nationwide except Tibet. At the same time, there are more new assembly lines waiting for functioning. In the months to come, the market demand for the melt-blown fabric material will be further enhanced. In the consecutive days, our company are busy with order-taking from domestic manufacturers for melt-blown fabric production, giving them our most professional reference tips. With the global spread of the pandemic, Huasheng as an accountable enterprise, is glad to steadily supply the material, exclusively for melt-blown fabric, dedicated to the global fight against the pandemic. Huasheng has completed the transformation of the first batch of corresponding production equipments, which can materialize stable production. At present, the production capacity can reach 20 tons per day. Simultaneously, Huasheng is promoting and selling the melt-blown materials in various regions of China.

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