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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace

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Kuba Beach has long been called the most beautiful beach in Bali. However, its golden shoreline is now surrounded by tons of plastic garbage brought in by swirling currents after a whole night storm. Actually, many other islands in Indonesia are also under the mountain of garbage. Bali Officials deployed 700 cleaners and 35 trucks to remove roughly 100 tons of debris each day in order to reduce the influence of garbage to tourism. It is reported that as there is no effective garbage disposal mechanism in Indonesia, garbage from seaside cities are usually dumped into the rivers and then drift to the sea. When people find the garbage in the sea is becoming more and more, they start to collect the garbage back to the islands. With a poor waste processing infrastructure, people can only dig holes and bury the garbage. The plastic waste in landfill has to take at least 470 years to degrade. While the garbage left in the sea is broken into fractions by waves and then swollen by marine animals. Finally they are cooked as so-called seafood and eaten by humans. In other words, humans eat those garbage indirectly, which may cause unprecedented health problems.


There are a lot of things that we can’t change, but we can change our lifestyle instead. For example:

l Avoid using plastics bags, use degradable plastic bags or take our own bags with us;

l Take reusable water bottles with us;

l Take reusable meal boxes/containers;

l Refuse to use non-degradable straws & cutlery;

l Try not to choose take-out food;

l Use glass bottles to reserve food;

l Take garbage bags to collect our garbage when traveling.

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